Our Pick of the Best Smartwatches: TimeTread Nova1

When you look through all 5 best smartwatches deals, study their functionality and then consider the price, there is only one clear winner. TimeTread Nova1 Pro packs all the capabilities of the best smartwatches at a discounted price. It is just $49,99 with the current 50% discount and includes a 30-day money back guarantee! The Heart Indicator, Jump-Rope & Sit-Up modes are unique to this model and the TimeTread Nova1 Pro metrics rival other expensive best smartwatches from other brands. Not to mention, it feels ultra lightweight and it looks amazing!

Why Buy One of the Best Smartwatches Instead of a Regular Watch

Owning one of the best smartwatches has become a symbol of status around the world. Whether to satisfy fitness needs or just for pure style, the best smartwatches gadgets present a fantastic symbiosis of the old and the new. The best smartwatches are all readily available on your wrist with all the apps you use on your smartphone but without the inconvenience of limited battery life and constantly holding a clunky screen. Oh, and did we mention they tell you the time?

Best Smartwatches for Workouts

If you’ve never used a fitness smartwatch for your training, you’re missing out. Whether you are running, exercising at the gym or simply walking, the best smartwatches simplify your life while still keeping you online for important calls or social media notifications. Once you’ve purchased one of the best smartwatches you’ll never have to worry again about dropping your smartphone or typing with sweaty fingers. As the best smartwatches are all dust and water resistant, they will outlast even the most heavy-duty workouts you put them through.

How to Set up the Best Smartwatches

All the best smartwatches models offer simple Bluetooth connectivity that makes syncing the device to your smartphone a breeze. Pairing one of the best smartwatches to your phone is super simple even for the not so tech-savvy users amongst us. Just download the smartwatch’s app (some of them are already pre-installed), find the device in your phone’s bluetooth and voilá, there you have it. You can now start customizing your personal account according to your needs. The best smartwatches offer incredibly quick set-up to get you connected in minutes! 

Best Smartwatches as a Fashion Statement

In a world where sportswear is designed with just as much consideration for style as business suits, the best smartwatches are not falling behind. Sporting clean recycled aluminum faces and elegant textile wristbands, these gadgets are no longer built with cheap materials. Whether we like it or not, in the gym or in the office, our watch speaks just as much about our style as our shirt or hat does. So grab one of the best smartwatches on the market and wear it with pride - you will be batting away the compliments!

The Best Smartwatches Are an Investment Worth Making

Whether you are considering a FitBit, an Apple Watch or our top choice - an TimeTread Nova1 Pro, these best smartwatches offer excellent value at a very competitive price compared to other devices. With prices of other wireless accessories like headphones and cameras going through the roof, some of the best smartwatches deals mentioned above can be considered real bargains! Invest in one of the best smartwatches today and you will invest in style, simplicity and most importantly, in your health.